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All About Tropes with Jennifer Hilt

February 20, 2023 Jennifer Hilt Season 2 Episode 6
The Author Wheel Podcast
All About Tropes with Jennifer Hilt
Show Notes

Tropes are everywhere, trusting your instincts, and avoiding formulaic writing...

This week we're talking with Jennifer Hilt about finding and trusting her own writing voice over multiple genres. Through her years of writing, she came to realize that tropes are not just clichés or story building blocks, they're actually relationships. Readers want something familiar with a surprising twist, and understanding tropes and how to use them can help you satisfy your fans.

Jennifer Hilt is a USA Today Bestselling author with more than 24 romances published across four pen names. She is the author of The Trope Thesaurus and Horror Trope Thesaurus. Her latest book, The Trope Thesaurus Romance has a Kickstarter campaign until 2/26.

Final Question: What tropes are you using in your current work in progress? Let us know in the comments to this week's post on Facebook @AuthorWheel!

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