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All About Editing with Steven Moore

December 05, 2022 Steven Moore Season 1 Episode 15
The Author Wheel Podcast
All About Editing with Steven Moore
Show Notes

Trading services, copyediting, and putting your best foot forward . . .

Today, Greta and Megan have a conversation with prolific action thriller writer and editor, Steven Moore.

Englishman Steven's innate love of travel and a degree in anthropology and archaeology informed his action thriller fiction novels. Steven has lived on five continents and visited almost sixty countries, and sets most of his novels in places he has either lived or spent an extended period of time. When not on the road with his writer wife Leslie, Norwich in the UK is home, which they share with their rescue cats Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and their rescue puppy Charles Dickens.

Steven has written and co-written 27 books and has copyedited over 100 books in the last three-ish years. He gives us his best advice on how to find and choose an editor, as well as what writers should do to prepare their manuscript before sending it off to their editor.

Final Question: Have you hired an editor? What was your experience? Let's chat on the Facebook page @AuthorWheel

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